Construction delayed slightly

Dear Friends of Kaimana Beach,

The Harris Administration announced to our attorneys that Healey Tibbits Construction has once again delayed starting the project. Instead of starting construction on November 29th, the project will not begin until at least December 6th.

Of course, we are encouraged by these delays. The closer to January 2, 2005 we get, the better. On that date, the administration changes and Mufi Hannemann takes office. He has promised to stop this project and create a new beach where the Natatorium now stands.

In the meantime, we continue on with our lawsuits to assure that this project never gets off the ground.

This thanksgiving period has given us the chance to assess our blessings. For many of us, the simple pleasure of swimming in the friendly waters of Kaimana Beach and lounging on the warm sand are among the great pleasures of our lives.

Let us hope that this situation resolves itself quickly and that we can move forward with a new vision.


Rick Bernstein
Kaimana Beach Coalition