Construction expected to resume

Dear Friends of Kaimana Beach,

This update is to let you know that we expect the Harris administration to begin work tomorrow, Tuesday, December 7.

Our legal efforts have postponed this project several times in the past few months and we are hoping that the Harris Administration will bow to the wishes of Mayor elect Hannemann who declared in a press conference last week that Mayor Harris should stop this project right now. He said that if Harris does not stop, his first act as Mayor will be to cancel the contract for the restoration of the Natatorium.

This statement by Mufi signals VICTORY to our efforts. We are gratified that Mufi is true to his word and that we can count on him to end this Harris charade.

In the meantime, unless there is a change in the intent of the Harris agenda, you can expect to see workmen putting up fences, cutting down three coconut trees, moving a hau tree, bringing in heavy equipment and generally messing with the surrounding area. Upsetting as it will be to some of us, we must remember and take solace in the fact that all of this wasteful craziness will be stopped in less than a month, and that nothing substantial can be done in that small window of time.

Our attorneys are aware of the construction schedule and we have been assured that the moment construction activity begins in the ocean, they will make every effort to stop it. Without getting too legally technical, we are on the case and will be keeping our powder dry until it is absolutely necessary to move. It is our sincere hope that reason will prevail and legal action will not be necessary.

As we have already won this battle and declared VICTORY, we do not feel the need to launch a huge protest against what will be happening over the next few weeks. Instead, we are planning a celebration on Sunday, January 9, at 3 PM at Kaimana Beach to mark the occasion of the cancellation of the contract by then, Mayor Hannemann. Save that happy day.

The drama we are witnessing should be considered pure theatre by Jeremy Harris as he desperately clings to a failed dream on his exit from the stage of public life. He cuts a tragic figure. Shakespeare talked about “sound and fury signifying absolutely nothing” and that is what we have here. We are witnessing the drama of political suicide as Jeremy goes down with the ship.

One of the bummers about this feeble display of stubbornness is that the fence being constructed around the Natatorium will cut off about twenty five parking spaces that are sorely needed by beach users, especially during the holidays, as our families come home to visit and spend time at the beach.

Letters to the editor and calls to Mayor Harris are appropriate.

The situation is so dynamic right now that it can change on a dime. We will keep you informed as things happen. Stay tuned and keep the faith.


Rick Bernstein
Kaimana Beach Coalition