2004 end of year update

Dear Friends of Kaimana Beach,

As 2004 winds down, we are thankful for stoppage of the Natatorium restoration. With many people’s help, we were able to accomplish our task. It is truly a testament to the democratic process that the will of the people prevailed and that our collective voice was heard. Congratulations to all of us.

Thanks to our attorneys Jim Bickerton and Doug Codiga, we were able to hold things in check. Special thanks go to our soon to be Mayor, Mufi Hannemann who offered his full and much appreciated support in attaining the end result.

It is exciting to think about the prospect of a new Memorial Beach in the near future. Of course it will take a great deal of hard work and careful planning to create this vision. Your support in accomplishing this important project will be very important.

In the last update I mentioned a celebration on January 9. Given the enormity of the tsunami tragedy, we feel it would be more appropriate to put our energy into contributing to the well being of the millions of affected people. Rather than celebrating our good fortune, please send money or good thoughts to our fellow earth mates who are suffering right now. Theirs was a beach tragedy of unbelievable proportion.

While taking my Kaimana Beach ocean swim to the flag this morning, my mind reeled at the terror of what so many people must have experienced doing just what I was doing, taking a peaceful swim.

My New Year’s resolution – Be thankful for every breath and take nothing for granted. Life is a precious and ephemeral gift.

Happy New Year,

Rick Bernstein
Kaimana Beach Coalition