In last week’s poll, we ROCKED!

Dear Friends of Kaimana Beach,

You have not heard from me for a while because I did not know what to say. We have been playing a quiet game of chess with the Harris administration.

Work that has taken place at the Natatorium includes signs posted on the seawalls of the pool warning swimmers below to keep their distance, a wooden fence on the beach side has been constructed, blacked-out curtains have been strung up fronting the mauka seawall with a sliding chain link fence/gate in the driveway, and a chain link fence in the middle of the grassy area fronting the ewa side of the structure. The crowning pieces of work are two raised brass plaques mounted on the right pillar of the big Arch. One reads:

Waikiki War Memorial Natatorium Restoration
Mayor, Jeremy Harris
City Managing Director, Benjamin Lee, FAIA 
December 2000
Honolulu City Council
John Desoto
John Henry Felix
Donna Mercado Kim
Duke Bainum
Rene Mansho
Mufi Hannemann
Andy Mirikitani
Jon Yoshimura

The second plaque is a self-congratulatory message about the restoration project being an architectural award winner. We sincerely hope that this is Jeremy’s final statement and that the will of the people is respected and honored. In last week’s poll, we ROCKED! 67% to 33% in favor of a new beach over a restored swimming pool!!!

It appears that they may have gotten the message, as there has not been any activity for the last two working days. No one is talking, so we can only surmise what is going on. As there are only ten working days left before Mufi is our new mayor, we do not expect to see any more work done. If Harris is responsible, he will cancel the contract and not leave a mess for the next administration.

As a wonderful holiday surprise, we learned yesterday that a graduate ocean engineering class at UH did a semester project studying the feasibility of turning the Natatorium swimming pool and bleachers into a new beach. According to my source, the results are very favorable. If we can get permission, the report will post it on the web site in the near future.

Wishing you all a happy holiday season and best wishes for a happy and productive new year.


Rick Bernstein
Kaimana Beach Coalition

P.S. Just saw another poll in the, to rate the performance of Jeremy Harris. This is your chance… ho ho ho.