Preserve the arch, restore the beach

Honolulu Star-Bulletin

After seeing the city pour money and time into the Waikiki War Memorial Natatorium, and seeing little result, I have lost any hope that the city can deal with the situation. Is the city so overwhelmed with money that it must throw money into this bottomless pit? Is the taxpayer so eager to be taxed that we must tax for the natatorium again and again? The time has come to go in another direction, and ask what we now want.

What I usually hear is that we should preserve the arch. If not, another memorial for the World War I veterans should be created at the site. But in the main, the area should be cleared as much as possible to create a beach. A beach is what we want there. We do not need a constant stream of construction projects there — hailed with great fanfare by politicians — only to fall into disrepair, a sort of monstrosity by the sea. The budget is tight, and some taxpayers could use tax relief, so let’s do a minimal amount at the natatorium, such as preserving the arch. And restoring the beach there would be very nice.

Mark Terry