Plan for Natatorium doesn’t make sense

Honolulu Advertiser

I understand Mayor Harris, who has little time left on his term, has arbitrarily elected to proceed with restoration of the War Memorial Natatorium immediately by inserting more than 80 cement pilings into the pool area. Shouldn’t there be a total plan before permanent structures are imbedded into the beach? Shouldn’t the plan be acceptable and affordable to the electorate?

So far, the initial cost will be $6.1 million for the pilings and patch-up, with a low estimate of $50 million to restore the bleachers and restrooms for use. And since the ocean will always have its way, the costs of repairs and maintenance will be eternal.

Would we, the electorate, rather minimize the memorial and instead use our tax dollars in more practical, needed ways: properly repair the sewer system, make the roads safer, lower taxes? Wouldn’t a more modest, more appropriate, more beautiful memorial plan be more justifiable? And appreciated?

If you feel $50 million is more than we can afford and does not make realistic sense, speak up, call or write the mayor — and your City Council representative.

Barbara Hanson