Panel had best idea for natatorium

Honolulu Star-Advertiser

Historically and culturally, the Waikiki shoreline from Diamond Head to the present Moana Hotel predates the War Memorial Natatorium and is about Hawaiian settlement. It is also the area where Kahekili and his warriors landed to conquer Oahu, and later where Kamehameha and his warriors landed to take control of the island.

The Waikiki Natatorium Commission met for several months to resolve the fate of the natatorium. Much time and effort resulted in a decision to demolish the pool and bleachers, retain the arches and return the beachfront to a public-access beach.

Fiscally this makes sense. Millions of dollars would be needed to rebuild. Maintenance would be expensive. Our priority should be schools and parks, which suffer from a lack of maintenance funds.

Historically and culturally, a sandy beachfront for public access to the ocean would be best.

Mandy Bowers