Our Position

Kaimana is the rare place where Honolulu can dream.

The Kaimana Beach Coalition was created out of a need to protect the special ambiance of the last local beach in Honolulu. This precious place has been the target of commercial interests for decades, and only by grassroots action has the community been able to preserve the simple elegance of this wonderful gathering place and recreational area. We are the present guardians.

The Kaimana Beach Coalition is made up of a dedicated volunteer group of Kaimana Beach users. For decades we have been paying attention to the details of this issue and have taken appropriate actions to keep the area free of commercialization and make sure there is easy access to the beach. There is no profit motive involved with this group. Unlike those who oppose us on this issue and have been promoting secretive plans, we harbor no conflict of interest, such as potential construction or entertainment contracts.

We are opposed to attempts to commercialize the Natatorium and have fought such efforts on many fronts. In 2004 legitimate concerns regarding water quality in the untreated and poorly planned swimming pool led to a lawsuit. The courts agreed with the Kaimana Beach Coalition and forced then Mayor Harris to come up with new plans for the swimming pool that would protect public health. Guidelines for these plans were created by the State Department of Health and required a permit from that agency. Mayor Harris subsequently never produced plans or permits that would have allowed him to build the swimming pool.

We feel there are more creative, flexible and less permanent alternatives to correcting the unsubstantiated safety issues at the Natatorium.

We favor replacing the dysfunctional and crumbling structure with a new, vital and relatively inexpensive beach, as studied, voted on, and approved by the City-sponsored 2009 Waikiki Natatorium Task Force. We are dedicated to seeing that public access to Kaimana Beach remains for our future generations. We hope that you will join us in supporting this noble cause.

Please read the facts about the Natatorium to understand its controversial history.

An aerial view of the Natatorium as it exists today.

An alternative – expand the beach, and turn the Memorial facade into a beach entrance.

An artist’s sketch of what the Memorial could be – a beautiful entrance to Kaimana Beach.


A rendering of the Memorial Beach arch vision. Image from the City & Country of Honolulu.


An aerial rendering of the Memorial Beach vision. Image from the City & County of Honolulu.