Once more into murky waters we swim

Honolulu Advertiser

In the years of wrangling about the Natatorium, nobody ever mentioned that the large boulder with the bronze plaque sitting in the park fronting the Natatorium is the real memorial. On the plaque are the names of those from Hawai’i who died in World War I.

The Natatorium is architecturally unredeeming, an eyesore on the shoreline, and of questionable entertainment value as a passive pool, not to mention the possible health hazards.

If it is ever restored it will be extremely high maintenance, something which our government in Hawai’i has a poor reputation for doing adequately.

The $6 million or so that the mayor would like to spend just to keep it from falling into the ocean will no doubt be followed by millions more.

The late Everett Dirkson got it right. A million here, a million there: what…boddah you?

Edward L. Bonomi