Natatorium facade won’t be torn down

Honolulu Star-Bulletin

Contrary to the statement your Dec. 5 editorial makes, Mayor-elect Mufi Hannemann will not “tear down” the Waikiki War Memorial at Kaimana Beach. The Kaimana Beach Coalition’s plan, which Hannemann endorses, will keep the beautiful Beaux Arts facade intact. It is the pool and bleacher structures, already so badly decayed and forever unusable, which will be removed. This will make more beach available. The facade will serve as the entrance to the beach park.

Spending more than $6 million more to “stabilize” a structure that will never be used is an unwise use of city monies that might well be used to better effect elsewhere.

“Respect for our past and gratitude to our soldiers” will be fully in evidence with the beauty of the facade, as well as the plaque opposite it, kept for all to see.

Kristine Woodall