Let’s rethink ways to honor WWI dead

Honolulu Star-Bulletin

Our city fathers never would have intentionally built a saltwater pool on the beach, had they known it would be impossible to maintain. A saltwater pool was the only technology available at time. We now have beautiful freshwater pools in Manoa, Makiki and Kailua, just to name a few. If we must have a swimming pool to remember the sacrifices of our World War I dead, why not make it a new, state-of-the-art freshwater pool?

If we want to reclaim the beach, maybe a new pool could be built in an area other than Waikiki. Waianae, Kapolei? Or let’s use the millions of dollars that might be misspent restoring the Natatorium, to upgrade and maintain the pools we have. Above all, let’s do something sensible. I think that’s what the veterans would have wanted.

Amy Conners