Documents Indicating Concert Venue Preference

From the email records obtained in September 2012 via the FOIA

Email 1

To: William J Aila Jr/DLNR/StateHiUS@StateHiUS, Paul J ConrylDLNRIStateHiUS@StateHiUS, Dan S QuinnIDLNRlStateHiUS@StateHiUS, Sam J Lemmo/DLNRIStateHiUS@StateHiUS
From: Wendy Clerinx/Gov/StateHiUS
Date: 08/0812012 05:38PM
Cc: Michael Ng/Gov/StateHiUS@StateHiUS
Subject: Natatorium

Hello William and DLNR,

As you may know, Governor has long had a vision for the Natatorium and ending the virtual stalemate over its future.  There was a resolution this past session that called on DLNR to convene a task force to provide recommendations for the future of the Natatorium.  The Governor supported this reso and although it didn’t pass, he’d like DLNR to take on this responsibility with the idea that whatever the working group recommends, the Govemor would then issue an EO to rescind Governor Ariyoshi ‘s EO and follow through with the group’s recommendation.

The City and County of Honolulu had a taskforce on the issue just three years ago .  It is not the Governor’s intent to make DLNR duplicate this work, rather it would be to take their work and launch off of that in a very limited scope.  The past recommendation was to do some kind of a memorial beach.  The Governor is not interested in revisiting the options of doing nothing, fully restoring the structure, and restoring the original shoreline.  He would like to restore the area to be used as some kind of venue/recreational area such as for beach volleyball or concerts.  The group could also look at future issues like where to put the Natatorium within DLNR and future funding requests that would be necessary.  If the group could work quickly, it may also be possible to put in planning & design monies in the upcoming budget submittal.

I’m sorry about the wide distribution ofthis email.  I’ve talked to a number of people in DLNR on the Natatorium and so I’ve induded everyone.  If it would be helpful to meet to discuss the Govemor’s objectives, we are happy to do that.  Just let me knowl  And if there’s someone in particular I should be directing Natatorium emaits to, please let me know that as well.

Many mahalos!


Email 2

Michael Ng/GovlStateHiUS@StateHiUS, Bruce A Coppa/Gov/StateHiUS@StateHiUS
08101/201206:06 PM
Subject: Re: Natatorium and Stan Sheriff Non-compete

Thanks Wendy. Lets go with the second recommendation re having Gov convene a working group asking DLNR to lead. But, the goal is to keep the structure (not demolish pool). but perhaps build on top of It (not . fill since walls cannot withstand weight) and use as a venue like beach volleyball or concerts. So, we would ask the group so specifically look at a proposed use, rather than just look at everything and come up with a recommendation.

Along with that, I think we have a EO drafted but not Signed and executed until we have the working group recommendation. Perhaps have the draft EO as part of whatever memo or documents we have to establish the task force to show our intent.

Mikey can provide more input.

Blake Oshiro, Deputy Chief of Staff
Office of the Governor
415 S. Beretainia Street. 5th Floor
Honolulu, Hawaii 96813
(808) 586″(}034